RFisher Laws Strategy


One of the most important elements rated to the success of your funding is the experience of the management team. The market place demonstrates time over time that companies with strong management will beat companies with weaker management when it comes to creating investment. We always seek an attentive, committed and unified management team. The type of team that has already gained a track record in overcoming typical obstacles in their own marketplace.

We are focused on providing the best support right across a wide variation of differing industries. We have specialist areas in information and technology, medicine, telecommunications, cable and networking as well as media. Our extensive network of affiliates mean that we can always call on experts in any other field, these relationships quickly allow us to come up to speed in your particular market area, no matter what the operational nuances or risk profiles are.

Unique Market Focus
Our deification of market focus relates to the specific market that our client is involved within. RFisher Law seek to gain a thorough understanding of this market, allowing us to formulate as to why this market focus assists the firm to be in front of its competition. We look to ways of how we can use this market-focus to assist your business to drive for profits.

Company Profitability

Successful clients tend to have the following profiles:

The ability to demonstrate a route to profitably within 1 year after capital is induced, or positive earnings in at least two of the last three years.

  • EBITDA site between 7.5% and 15% of gross revenues.

Time in Business

  • In most cases a typical client has been in business in excess of two years.

Company Size

In the main we tend to work with business that have annual revenues ranging from $2.5M to $50M.