RFisher Laws Services

RFisher Law are well equipped to help with all aspects of handling your financial affairs. Whether it involves accounting, tax valuations or business consulting, RFisher Law are dedicated to maximizing every level of your businesses finances. We can be counted on to support the development of your profit and provide your organization with a durable and distinct business advantage.

A highly effective measurement of trust in the capital marketplace is from an independent audit. We are committed to providing our engagement teams with all of the resources they require to carry out professional audits on our increasing client base.

We have constructed our tax services to take into account the objectives and special requirements of our clients. You can always be assured of the highest possible service levels, no matter what your needs are. At RFisher Law we work with our clients to ensure that they are provided accurate information around how best to comply with tax regulations, while at the same time controlling outgoing expenditure.


Listening to the needs of our clients remains a top priority. This enables us to understand exactly what is required and then to share our marketplace experiences. You can be assured that from our discussions we will provide you with the right choices and help you to set your plans into positive action.

We are aware that providing reliable information around accounting and taxation to be an involved process. As your partner we will help you to digest the evolving economic situations and help to steer your plans and strategies in the right direction. RFisher Law will be with you every step of the way.

We stand by our belief of “our top priority today is to sit down and discuss”, this is the makeup of how we conduct our business and help our clients achieve their goals, every day and the day after that.

RFisher Law are always keen to help our clients achieve the things that they aim for.  Contact us today, we will listen attentively, while you do the talking and together we will achieve your aspirations.


RFisher Law are a well-respected investment banking firm, representing the business interests of superior middle-market ($12M - $250M) businesses who are seeking additional opportunities and revenues from the merger or sale of their organizations.

What We Do
The mergers & acquisitions group at RFisher Law primary focus is on providing the owners of these businesses all the support and advice they need when seeking either a merger or purchase with a larger business. With the ultimate aim of the successful coming together being a more profitable entity with an improved financial outlook.

How We Work
A free, no-obligation valuation estimate is offered to potential clients before we are engaged. Upon receiving our detailed analysis, options will then be discussed along with the most fruitful course of action.

At RFisher Law we always consider ourselves as collaborators and advisors to our clients and remain fully engaged in all areas of the transaction. We believe that this hand-on approach provides our clients with the very best opportunity to achieve the goals that they desire. The process is designed to reduce any time commitment on the part of our clients, enabling them to take action on the most critical of issues that relate to their business. We have a wealth of experience on hand to assist companies to avoid any likely complications, combined with the required expertise to act swiftly if the need arises.

We believe that this approach allows us to demonstrate an extremely high level of success for our clients, across a wide range of industries. We have and will continue to assist clients in the following sectors; building products and services, equipment rental and leasing, consumer products, food, manufacturing, distribution, specialty chemicals, automotive related products and healthcare to improving their business prospects. RFisher Law follow a tried and tested approach to deliver premium results for all of our clients.

Our Commitment
Our mergers and acquisitions group are committed to providing the highest levels of service, always with the highest integrity. We are aware that many of our clients rate a merger or acquisition as the most crucial time period for their business. This financial standpoint often cascades down to the personal at these companies, with the welfare of individual employees playing an important role. Our initial interactions with potential new clientele will very often commence with a full assessment of corporate and shareholder goals, along with the financial market and industry dynamic reviews.

How We Add Value
We seek to bring added value to each potential deal by ensuring that our clients goals are met when looking at the structure of a particular transaction. This is carried through to the negotiation and closing stages to ensure the maximum benefit for our clients. The competitive environment which always remain confidential will assist in most cases to substantially increase a business’s marketable valuation.

Our Reputation
RFisher Law’s mergers and acquisitions group executives are made up of a collective of investment bankers rather than purely business brokers. Annually we regularly turn down assignments that don’t fit with our skill set. The mergers & acquisitions group results are second to none, with in excess of 95% of all our revenues arriving from the fees relating to successful transactions. It is perhaps no surprise that our clients very often refer to us as friends, and we are more than happy to consider them friends too.


We have a firm belief that success is made up of two separate elements, these being the actual plan and how well the application of the plan itself. At RFisher Law all of our approaches to critical management allow for both of these ideals.

In many cases the differential between operating a normal business and a successful one comes down to the strategic planning. The winning firms generally are the ones that stay ahead of competitors in their marketplaces with the managers or owners of that business meeting their objectives.

For many businesses, entry into a strategic planning process doesn’t come easy. Time isn’t always available to help shape the plan into what it needs to succeed, very often time can be seen as a hindrance, especially in the early stages. Some companies feel like the time for planning has passed by with key decisions on the running of a business taking center stage.

Days quickly turn into weeks, with months and years coming up on the horizon. Without a robust plan the detail of running your organization remains unchanged. What you have done in the past shapes the way that you conduct business in the future, rather than a clearly focused plan of moving forward in the right direction.

Key leadership decisions need to be taken by executives for a business to benefit from strategic thinking. This is even more relevant when internal resources seem to be limited. RFisher Law’s strategic management consultants will provide all of the assistance that you­ have been searching for.


The valuation services division are committed to providing comprehensive financial advisory and litigation services. It has often been said that RFisher Law comprehend the “art and science” of litigation. Carrying out nothing but valuations, it isn’t hard to see why we are seen as the leaders in our field. The unmoving focus ensures that we deliver first class service to our many clients. If you are looking for independent valuation services, then there is no one better placed to assist than RFisher Law.

RFisher Law’s valuation division was born from the combination of two highly successful businesses. It was the joining of Delaware Valuation Counselors and the New York Business Valuation Services that has made RFisher Law what we are today. This new business has true national reach and is highly regarded as a full service valuation advisory firm, focusing in financial advisory, litigation support services and tangible asset valuations.

We have built up a credible reputation for the supply of comprehensive services (real estate, machinery, equipment and financial). Our valuation division are perceived to provide clients with true professionalism and industry expertise. As one of the most important independent valuation firms in America we have processed assignments from some of the country’s largest organizations. In essence we provide our clients with a true benefit over our competitors. It is this highly respected alternative that continues to offer a cost-competitive, high quality, full valuation service.

The team members in our valuation division deal with hundreds of assignments on an annual basis. The professionals at RFisher Law draw on a wealth of experience that they collect from a wide range of differing marketplaces, including consumer goods, healthcare, financial services, technology, life science, industrial products, technology and real estate. It is these varied industries that provide us with the market intelligence to ensure we are able to provide our expertise for every business in every marketplace.

Our professionals are regularly called upon to provide testimonies on a large number of notable bankruptcy, commercial and tax litigation cases. Team members provide testimonies to lawyers, investment brokers, lenders, accounts as well as to Internal Revenue Service’s matters and the law courts. We are recognized for providing valuable information during mediation, settlement and arbitration negotiations.

Professional and Accredited
RFisher Law’s valuation division is an amalgamation of professionals, financial consultants from Wall Street and some very senior financial valuation experts, a number of which came to us from the so-called “Big 5”. It is this variation that provides the catalyst of our unmatched success, not only in the financial environment of the boardroom, but when it is needed also in the courtroom.

RFisher Law’s valuation division encourage their teams to gain professional qualifications that go on to elevate and expand their capabilities. It is viewed that this will greatly assist in meeting the needs and goals of the clients. Some of our professionals at RFisher Law are part of the U.S Society of Appraisers (USSA). It is this body that takes on responsibility for designating accreditations based upon the submission of previous appraisal work and the education of the individual concerned. Some of our team members are also completing the rigorous process of the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with many already having claimed this accolade. The parameters of which are based upon a global body of investment alongside analytical knowledge. In addition, we take the opportunity to hire leaders in real estate appraisal, these are Members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI). With a combined focus, the experience and expertise from all fields enable RFisher Law to fully appreciate valuations as both science and art.

The Benefit
We are aware that a knowledgeable team is just one element of producing a highly effective project team capable of top-level analysis. The dedication to providing excellence and the ability to communicate at the highest levels with critical groups including; directors and senior managements, legal counsel, investors, shareholders and the various regulation authorities. We acknowledge that each of our clients have their own expectations and goals, and that our valuation division are at the leading edge to ensure the deliverance of constantly high levels across all markets.