RFisher Law Compensation FAQ

  • How do you consider a claimant eligible for compensation?

Initially a claimant must qualify under the U.S rules and regulation guidelines. It is these guidelines that assist RFisher Law into understanding the types of claims you might qualify for and also to set a limit on just how much compensation we are authorized to pay. Different types of claims will ultimately effect the type of compensation you are eligible for.

  • Do I have to pay anything to have my claim considered?

Once we understand the type of compensation a claimant might be qualified for we will then determine who takes responsibility for the settlement of our services. In most cases RFisher Law will fund the compensation claim.

  • Are there any legal time limits on making a claim?

There isn’t a set time limit when you file for compensation; however, there could very well be time limitations that determine your ability to claim – this occurs in the case of time bars. In these instances RFisher Law will inform the claimant forthwith, in writing with an explanation.

. What does ‘in default’ mean?

The term “In default” means exactly that, being in default of an obligation. In most cases this is a result of a business ceasing its trade and not having the necessary assists to meet its claims. It could also be that the business is on the brink of or is deemed to be close to bankruptcy.  We will confirm this prior to any involvement.

  • How long will it take to complete my case?

Often there are considerable factors that will determine how long a case might take. The complexity, the volume of information needed to be collated from external sources being just a couple of examples. Often there are factors that are outside of our direct control; however, you can still expect RFisher Law to provide general guidelines on time scales for each claim type.

  • How long will it take to process my claim?

Again, it is important to understand that it can take considerable time to gather all the relevant information and then to research it properly. The information that comes from third parties needs to be checked thoroughly. Data and documentation must be completed correctly and be in good standing order. Once all of the correct information is in place, RFisher Law will process your claim within 5 working days. We acknowledge instances of financial hardship and will always do our best to prioritize these claims.

. What happens if I am facing financial difficulties and need my claim processed quickly?

As stated above, we respect instances where you may be struggling financially and will always do our best to process your claim as a priority.

  • What do you mean by financial loss?

It is expected that you must have lost monies when filing for compensation, this will have occurred as a result of your dealings with either an unauthorized or authorized financial services business. In the case of investment claims, RFisher Law will assess the financial situation you would be in, would it not have been for the investment that you made.

  • Can you compensate firms as well as people?

As a guide in relation to the purposes of investment claims and deposits, smaller business is indeed protected. However, a smaller business must meet two of the following conditions. These conditions are set out in section 247 of the Companies Act 1985 or section 382 of the Companies Act 2006, as applicable.

Total number of employees – less than 50

Balance sheet total – less than 3.26M

Turnover – under 6.5M

Claims resulting in an insurance contract allow smaller businesses to be protected. The COMP rules dictate that smaller companies have less than 1M annual turnover. Compensation levels for individuals are parallel to those of the smaller companies.

  • Will it affect my claim if all business was done over the Internet?

Business conducted over the internet is eligible for claim, providing that the company is authorized by the U.S regulator and that the claims meet with our conditions.

The firm I dealt with is no longer trading, but RFisher Law says it cannot help me. Why not?

In the event that a firm has ceased trading it is unlikely that we will be able to take your claim on. In these situations, you will need to take up your case directly with the firm that you dealt with. While this can be difficult in some cases, RFisher Law might be able to assist with providing you the contact details.

If the firm or its owners don’t wish to consider your claim then you should take legal advice or call the Citizens Advice Bureau for further assistance.