Client confidentiality is at the cornerstone of our business and we always remember to preserve this throughout the duration of the entire process we are involved in.


You can rely on our wide-ranging experience within the middle market. This comprehensive experience ensures that we provide our clients with expert opinion on projected organizational valuations as well as transaction structures.

Expert Experience

At RFisher Law we are proud to provide a high level of expertise to mid-market firms. Previously this level of assistance was only accessible through larger organizations. Over the years we become well respected in the field of sales and mergers, allowing us to provide the maximum benefit to our clients. Our experience, even when dealing with veteran acquirers sets us apart from many of the other average merger and acquisition companies available in the marketplace.


Our “Success Based” model ensures that we are always able to maximize your company’s’ value. This tried and tested practice will also include the ways that we showcase your business and your finances.


As one of the most respected organizations, RFisher Law have built up professional partnerships with well researched associates. It is these connections that allow us to provide highly accurate, targeted overviews. The reliable information we provide includes financial buyers, private equity firms and strategic acquirers.

Welcome To RFisher Law - We Are By Your Side

Our aim is to offer both national and international businesses first-class data that will allow them to deal effectively with any issues that they might have. These organizations deal with ongoing pressure situations while balancing the risks that can effectively close them down. Larger corporations will also have to requirements of conducting their business within tight constraints. These limitations include a wide range of financial, political, social systems as well as legal instances. At the same time these bigger businesses also have to ensure that complex cross-border issues are dealt with properly. At RFisher Law, we provide trust-worthy Tax and Advisory services, as well as delivering auditing and accountancy skills. An extensive understanding of the industry ensures that we adhere to strict global standards. Our aim is to work in accordance with your objectives, giving priority to your acquisitions. This allows us to exceed the expectations that our clients have in us.


We firmly believe that a successful merger or acquisition will ensure that two companies together are more powerful than two separate businesses.


Working on a global basis we are able to provide support to all of our clients. We can be counted upon to stand alongside them in their dealings.


Although our teams come from a wide variety of backgrounds, they all share a united set of morals. The working environment provides a place where they can develop themselves and each employee is given the opportunity to produce their best work.


RFisher Law are well equipped to help with all aspects of handling your financial affairs. Whether it involves accounting, tax valuations or business consulting, RFisher Law are dedicated to maximizing every level of your businesses finances. We can be counted on to support the development of your profit and provide your organization with a durable and distinct business advantage.


Listening to the needs of our clients remains a top priority. This enables us to understand exactly what is required and then to share our marketplace experiences.


RFisher Law are a well-respected investment banking firm, representing the business interests of superior middle-market ($12M - $250M) businesses who are seeking additional opportunities and revenues from the merger or sale of their organizations.


The valuation services division are committed to providing comprehensive financial advisory and litigation services.


We have a firm belief that success is made up of two separate elements, these being the actual plan and how well the application of the plan itself.


One of the most important elements rated to the success of your funding is the experience of the management team. The market place demonstrates time over time that companies with strong management will beat companies with weaker management when it comes to creating investment. We always seek an attentive, committed and unified management team. The type of team that has already gained a track record in overcoming typical obstacles in their own marketplace.


One of the most important elements rated to the success of your funding is the experience of the management team.


We are focused on providing the best support right across a wide variation of differing industries.


The ability to demonstrate a route to profitably within 1 year after capital is induced, or positive earnings in at least two of the last three years.


Our deification of market focus relates to the specific market that our client is involved within.

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